• The importance of getting a sight test

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      Having your eyes tested every 6 months is very important. Why? One reason is because your eye sight may have deteriorated. But our optometrist may also pick up on other health problems. An eye exam provides accurate assessment of your ability to see and the health of your eyes. Furthermore, it gives an insight into your general health. At Richard Morwood Optometrist, we test your eyes with the state of the art technology, like the Zeiss iProfiler and optomap.

      The NHS provides very limited funding for high street eyecare. An NHS eye test is free for those who are eligible, but the requirements were set 26 years ago. We like to supplement the basic NHS eye exam to bring it up to world class level. So although you can get a free eye test anywhere, it pays to look after one of your most important senses: your eye sight.

      NHS eye test – free

      • History and symptoms
      • Vision assessment and refractive status
      • Binocular function and ocular balance assessment
      • Internal and external ocular health
      • Visual field testing
      • Non contact tonometry

      Regular eye test - £35.00

      • All of the NHS test
      • Retinal photograph of optic nerve head and macula
      • iProfiler: wavefront aberrometer

      Comprehensive eye test - £55.00

      • All of the regular eye test
      • Optomap ultra-wide digital retinal imaging
    • Your sight test will provide you with a good impression of your general health