• How to choose the perfect frame

      Once you have had your sight test, it's time for the fun part of choosing your frame. A good pair of glasses is an important investment: it is not just a tool to help you see better, it is also a fashion accessory. One that is a part of you from the minute you get up until late at night. Spectacles need to be comfortable and they need to complement your face. Or you can choose to make a bold fashion statement!
      Frames manufacturers offer a wide range of beautiful designs and you will have to find the one that suits you best with the help of our staff. Every face is unique and on top of that people have different tastes and prefer different styles.
      The most important tip is to create visual contrast. The shape of your frame should actually be in contrast to the shape of your face to create a balance. This brings the overall appearance into harmony.

      Here are our top 3 tips for choosing the right frame:

      • Consider the function of your glasses
      • Decide on the shape of your face
      • Find out your overall colouring
    • What is the function of your glasses?

      The first selection will depend upon why you need glasses. Do you need them because you work at the computer all day or to read a book, to practise a particular sport or as a fashion-item to go with your outfit?

    • The shape of your face

      An oval face is widely recognised as the ideal shape for women. Apart from hair style, make-up and jewellery, the right spectacle frame will help to visually achieve this ideal. Lines that contrast with the shape of your face are best. Some one with a round face would wisely choose a square frame as the round appearance of the face is broken up by the square lines.

    • What colour type are you?

      It is also important that your glasses suit your skin tone and the colour of your eyes and hair. Your colour type is identified with the four seasons.

    • Winter
      Winter types frequently have very light skin with a slightly blue shimmering undertone. Without make-up this type of skin can be rather pale. Most of the people with this complexion have dark or black hair. The colour of the eyes is either hazelnut, blue or green. Winter types look great in clear, strong and cool colours such as black, white, grey and blue. They should avoid tones such as gold, brown, orange and pastels. Excellent choices for frames would be silver or blue-black models.

    • Spring
      The skin tone is peach and sometimes a person of this type will have golden freckles. The hair colour can frequently range from blond to reddish blond paired with eye colours blue, blue grey, green, grey brown or golden green. This type looks fantastic in spring colours such as natural white, creamy beige, lilac, salmon, cornflower blue, light rose, warm browns, gold, copper and bronze. The preferred colours for frames would be gold, beige, lobster red or a light brown.

    • Summer
      As a rule, people of this type have ash blond hair and baby blue, brown or grey eyes. Their skin is of a light complexion and rosy, almost pastel coloured. Preferred summer type colours are cool, intense, but not too loud or dark, such as grey blue, rose, red, silver grey and parchment white. Summer types should avoid black, gold, orange and snow white. When choosing frames, preferred selections should be rose, light blue or lavender.

    • Autumn
      People who belong to this group usually have golden toned skin; however some have ivory or peach coloured skin and a tendency to develop freckles. Many autumn types have red hair with a golden shimmer and dark brown, green brown or green eyes. They should choose all earth tones, including brown, orange and green hues as well as deep reds and ivory or vanilla. Gold, bronze and copper are also great choices. Gold and all natural colours are great fits for this type’s frames.

    • Click here to see a selection of our designer frames

      Click here to see a selection of our designer frames